The Compassion Course

Connecting deeply, working meaningfully

The Centre for a Compassionate Society is excited to announce that it will soon be offering a short course on Compassion for the people of Melbourne and wider Victoria.

This program is for anyone who is actively striving to create positive change in our social or ecological systems. Compassion is the thread that connects us. And it is an inner capacity that we must cultivate for our outer world to flourish.

Please watch the video (6.45) below to find out more:

What do you find most challenging in your work as you try to create positive change in Melbourne and Victoria? And what might you need to overcome this challenge? If you’d like to share your thoughts on these questions by making a 1-2 minute video:

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‘Compassion is a kind of attunement with reality in a very deep way. Beyond models, and systems, and beliefs, compassion is the needle orienting our being towards what is truly important. Without compassion, we are ships in the night, aimlessly working, creating, and doing; but not addressing the true purpose of our lives. A business, a project, a person, that is not guided by compassion, is potentially acting only in self-service, or even actively damaging the people and environments around them. Without compassion we are lost.’

Vadim Ragozin

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