Book Club

Book Club meets on the last Monday of each month, except in December.

TIME: 7.30pm

PLACE: Community Room of the Athol Gill Centre/Community Church of St Mark, 100 Hodgkinson St, Clifton Hill. 

Our book club is a free and open group which is very welcoming and egalitarian in its operation. We read a wide selection of genres chosen by the group. At the end of each year titles are suggested with the choice of books and their order of reading arranged by members. A book club coordinator ensures our book list is completed (although we are very flexible), reminds participants of our monthly meetings and has discussion questions on hand each month. Discussion of our chosen books can often lead to sharing personal stories, with discussions around political and current issues sometimes developing. We assist each other to source the books and share them around for convenience and to keep costs to a minimum. We have developed strong connections with each other but are very open to new participants joining the group. If you are looking for an inclusive and compassionate group to discuss literature please join us.

Contact us through the email address below