16 October 2021

Dear Ms Andrews,

I am a friend of the Centre for a Compassionate Society, which is based in the electorate of Melbourne. I live in the electorate of ***. We have committed to writing a letter to your government every week until all refugees and asylum-seekers who remain on Nauru and in PNG under Operation Sovereign Borders are appropriately re-settled. We also seek humane treatment for refugees and asylum seekers on-shore. We are copying this letter to the Prime Minister, the Minister for Immigration, the Shadow Minister for Home Affairs and Immigration, and to our local members of parliament.

Park Hotel, Melbourne, refugee call for freedom

As those of us in NSW and Victoria are beginning to experience, or still longing for, freedom from COVID restrictions, please consider how much more desperate is the longing for freedom of those you have detained in places like the Park Prison for so many years. The men in the attached video are literally crying out for the freedom to walk in the sun, to associate with loved ones and build new relationships, to meaningfully contribute to a community. Will you watch the video, and consider possibilities for granting them what they so long for? They could all be settled in New Zealand within months, and you could thereby become the minister who ended this dismal chapter in our nation’s history.


Yours sincerely,


Send your letter to Ms Karen Andrews: karen.andrews.mp@aph.gov.au (Minister for Home Affairs).
You could cc it to Ms Kristina Keneally: senator.keneally@aph.gov.au (Shadow minister for Immigration and Home affairs), and to your local Federal MP.

Send the text to the Prime Minister via their website HERE, and to the immigration minister, Alex Hawke, HERE.

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