28 November 2020

Dear Mr Morrison,

I am a friend of the Centre for a Compassionate Society, which is based in the electorate of Melbourne. I live in the electorate of ***. I will be adding my voice to the voices of many others who value compassion, by writing a letter to your government every week until all refugees and asylum-seekers who have been detained on Nauru and in PNG under Operation Sovereign Borders are appropriately re-settled. We also seek humane treatment for refugees and asylum seekers on-shore. We are copying this letter to the Ministers and Shadow Minister for Home Affairs and Immigration, and to our local members of parliament.

This week we would like to issue a simple request: would you devote an hour of your time to listening to some episodes of a podcast produced by Guardian Australia?  https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/audio/2020/nov/18/introducing-temporary
You will hear your voice as Minister for Immigration in the early years of last decade. You will also hear the voice of Zaki, a Hazara asylum seeker who fled Afghanistan at the age of 16, after his father had been seized and disappeared by the Taliban. He is now part of the 30,000 people living in the Australian community who form the so-called ‘Legacy Caseload’. He survives on one of the Temporary Protection Visas which your government has issued, unable to fully settle and integrate into our community for fear of being returned to persecution. I wonder if you will be moved by his story of suffering during his dangerous journey to Christmas Island, and of yet more suffering at the hands of your government. I wonder if his story will lead you to consider how you would feel if your own children were forced to seek safety in another country, and that country gave them the kind of welcome that Australia has given Zaki.
Prime Minister, how long must those people who make up the Legacy Caseload wait for their asylum claims to be processed?
Yours faithfully,

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